General Rules

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The following items are included in the vendor scopes of work and are itemized for definition only and are not to be considered the full extent of work to be completed by the Vendor:

  1. The Vendor confirms that he is an expert in this field of work and is fully knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of procedures, methods, regulations, codes and municipal requirements and the Vendor further acknowledges that the Contractor is relying on this expertise.
  2. The Vendor’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, their own payroll taxes, insurance and benefits, business licenses and liability insurance. 
  3. The Vendor agrees to be responsible for the delivery, unloading, storage, handling, erecting, and maintenance of all its equipment and materials.  In addition, the Vendor is responsible for removing any and all equipment and materials upon completion of the job.
  4. Vendor agrees to use contractor’s portal system to coordinate all job specific information, including but not limited to, schedules, documents, selections, architectural plans, change orders and PO’s.  
  5. All schedule items will be completed within allotted time outlined on schedule.  Vendor should check Contractors portal daily for scheduled items and confirm dates.
  6. Vendor agrees to post daily logs with pictures prior to and upon completion of work into portal system to show work as complete so payments can be processed.  If daily logs are not completed payments will be held until daily log is completed. 
  7. The Vendor shall carefully examine the site as well as the drawings, specifications, and selection sheet in order to fully inform himself as to the existing conditions and the work of others coming in conjunction with his work.
  8. If you are dropping material, you agree to drop material according to our “drop map” which is attached. 
  9. Vendor agrees not to cover up inferior or defective work.
  10. Anything which is not shown on the plans, but which is mentioned in the specifications, or anything that is not expressly set forth in either, but which is reasonably implied and is required to carry out the work intended by the plans and specifications, shall be performed the same as though specifically mentioned.
  11. Once the work has started, the Contractors assigned Construction Manager has the power to direct all the work from start to finish.  Should there be any dispute regarding details, workmanship, discrepancies, etc., the matter will be settled immediately by the Construction Manager’s decision and his decision shall be final.
  12. Should there be any delays causing a construction time loss, the Vendor will be given a 24-hour notice informing said Vendor that, if work does not proceed within the given time, work shall be completed by others and the expense shall be deducted from the amount of the contract.
  13. After the Vendor completes work, said vendor will be responsible for inspecting the work and completing any deficiencies before requesting payment.  The Construction manager will not approve any payments if deficiencies are found.
  14. The Vendor agrees that should temporary electricity be unavailable on the job site, that he will provide his own electric power.
  15. The Vendor agrees to remove all trash and debris from the job, or deposit in a container or designated area located at ground level, related to his work.  Jobsite must be left in broom swept condition daily.  In the event the Vendor violates this paragraph, a 350.00 cleaning fee will be assessed, in addition to any additional cost incurred by the Contractor to correct this condition.  These fees will be deducted from the Vendor’s payment for work.
  16. The Vendor agrees that invoices presented to the Purchasing Department over 30 days late (after completion of task) will be considered null and void.
  17. Vendor shall include up to 8 hours of punch work in bid. 
  18. Vendor hereby unconditionally guarantees all work performed and all material furnished by the Vendor for a period of no less than one year from delivery date.  Vendor agrees to and shall immediately upon demand of the Contractor and at the expense of the Vendor, repair or replace in a manner satisfactory to the Contractor, any and all work furnished by the Vendor which may have become defective due to faulty materials or workmanship or due to unsatisfactory functioning of labor or equipment furnished hereunder, for which it is at fault, within such period.  The Vendor further agrees to pay for all subsequent damage to the building resulting from defects in its work and all expenses necessary to remove, replace, or repair, in a satisfactory manner, any other work which may be damaged or disturbed, in making repairs to the work included in this guarantee.  The remedies provided for in this paragraph shall be cumulative and in addition to all other remedies of the Contractor in respect to latent defects or fraud.
  19. If work requires city or county inspections, the Vendor shall notify contractor’s Construction manager in writing and verbally to call in inspections required concerning their particular activity.
  20. Vendor agrees to provide cost for standard offerings on all models as well as optional upgrades requested by Contractor. 
  21. Vendor shall obtain and pay for all permits and inspections required by the county and city for the performance and acceptance of its work.  Vendor shall pay any re-inspection fees which are a result of Vendor’s lack of performance.
  22. Vendor will work with contractor as needed to coordinate field inspections as required with governmental agencies
  23. Vendor shall furnish to Contractor a 24-hour emergency service telephone number for the Customer Satisfaction Department to use for its homeowners.  Vendor shall dispatch all emergency service calls in a timely manner.  Any normal warranty work not corrected by the Vendor or his / her agent within three days of notification shall be corrected by Owner or his / her agent and back charged to the Vendor.
  24. The Vendor is liable for any and all damages done by his supplies at time of delivery, including but not limited to fascia, soffit, sliding glass door tracks and frames, etc.
  25. Seven working days will be deemed sufficient notice that a unit will be ready for installation of the material.  If vendor is supplying material, vendor is responsible for material being on site and for security of that material until said his portion of the work is complete.
  26. Vendor shall notify Contractor’s Representative if unable to perform work on date scheduled.
  27. The Vendor shall be responsible to supply Contractor with current copies of all MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) applicable to the product(s), material(s), additives, etc. which will be used in the execution of this contract.  Materials which qualify as hazardous materials must be properly labeled, must not be disposed of on Contractors property, and shall be disposed of at Vendor’s sole expense in full compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local statutes, rules, and regulations, etc.
  28. Time is considered to be of the essence and the Vendor agrees not to cause undue delay to the Contractors schedule of construction.  Any delays may cause financial penalties to Vendor
  29. Vendor shall include up to 8 hours of punch work as needed in their bid.

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